Android - R cannot be resolved to a variable


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R cannot be resolved - Android error

I am having a issue which I have had before and I don't understand the cause. My project and code is fine as it was running yesterday. I have open Eclipse today and the whole project looks like it contains errors.

I believe it is some sort of build path issue. I don't understand why it randomly occurs? But in the code where there is R.Layout.LayoutName there is an issue... can anyone help?

I have tried cleaning and building it, I have tried importing android.R but I didn't have this before, it then gives and error and says the layout file doesn't exist.

5/23/2017 12:02:51 PM

Accepted Answer

Are you targeting the android.R or the one in your own project?

Are you sure your own file is generated? Mistakes in your xml views could cause the not to be generated. Go through your view files and make sure all the xml is right!

2/8/2011 11:14:56 AM

I think I found another solution to this question.

Go to Project > Properties > Java Build Path > tab [Order and Export] > Tick Android Version Checkbox enter image description here Then if your workspace does not build automatically…

Properties again > Build Project enter image description here

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