Can the Android Layout folder contain subfolders?


Right now, I'm storing every xml layout file inside the res/layout folder, so it is feasible and simple to manage small projects, but when there is a case of large and heavy projects, then there should be a hierarchy and sub-folders needed inside the layout folder.

for e.g.

-- layout_personal
   -- personal_detail.xml
   -- personal_other.xml
  -- address1.xml
  -- address2.xml

Like the same way, we would like to have sub-folders for the large application, so is there any way to do so inside the android project?

I am able to create layout-personal and layout_address sub-folders inside the layout folder, but when the time comes to access the xml layout file using R.layout._______ , at that time there is no any xml layout pop-up inside the menu.

3/20/2018 5:02:22 AM

Accepted Answer

You CAN do this with gradle. I've made a demo project showing how.

The trick is to use gradle's ability to merge multiple resource folders, and set the res folder as well as the nested subfolders in the sourceSets block.

The quirk is that you can't declare a container resource folder before you declare that folder's child resource folders.

Below is the sourceSets block from the build.gradle file from the demo. Notice that the subfolders are declared first.

sourceSets {
    main {
        res.srcDirs =

nested resources picture

Also, the direct parent of your actual resource files (pngs, xml layouts, etc..) does still need to correspond with the specification.

11/22/2016 11:51:30 AM

The answer is no.

I would like to draw your attention towards this book Pro Android 2 that states:

It is also worth noting a few constraints regarding resources. First, Android supports only a linear list of files within the predefined folders under res. For example, it does not support nested folders under the layout folder (or the other folders under res).

Second, there are some similarities between the assets folder and the raw folder under res. Both folders can contain raw files, but the files within raw are considered resources and the files within assets are not.

Note that because the contents of the assets folder are not considered resources, you can put an arbitrary hierarchy of folders and files within it.

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