Android eclipse DDMS - Can't access data/data/ on phone to pull files


While testing my apps, I use emulators and my own phone to see if everything is working ok. My apps are also writing data to shared preferences and a text file.

I can pull the data from my emulators through the DDMS in eclipse so I can read the data files on my computer, but when I try to open those folders through the DDMS on my phone, nothing happens. I click the data folder and nothing happens.

My phone is rooted. Is there any way I could pull the files from my phone? I know that Android keeps these folders private, but there must be a way. The emulator is just way too slow.

11/4/2015 10:18:30 AM

Accepted Answer

On rooted device you can do this:

  1. Open cmd
  2. Type adb shell
  3. su
  4. Press 'Allow' on device
  5. chmod 777 /data /data/data /data/data/com.application.package/data/data/com.application.package/*
  6. Go to the DDMS view in Eclipse

After this you should be able to browse the files on the device.

To get the databases:

  1. chmod 777 /data/data/com.application.package/databases /data/data/com.application.package/databases/*

If it returns permission denied on su

Go to Settings > Developer Options > Root access > Apps and ADB

12/7/2016 8:33:16 AM

No one seems to understand that a retail Nexus One even after being rooted still will not let you browse the file system using DDMS File Explorer. We are talking about real phones here and not the emulator. If you happen to have a Nexus One Developer Phone you can browse the file system using DDMS Filer Explorer, but a retail Nexus One that has been rooted you can't. Got it?

So I hope that answers the question of not being able to use the DDMS File Explorer to browse the file system of a rooted retail Nexus One. After rooting a retail Nexus One there is still something that remains to be done to use DDMS to use the File Explorer to browse the phones File System. I don't know what it is. Maybe someone else knowns.

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