Android: how to convert whole ImageView to Bitmap?


I have my application that is displaying images with different ratio, resized inside (centerInside) imageView. What I need is to create bitmap from the ImageView including the background (black in this case).

So for example I have device screen 320x480, full screen imageView with image resized to 280x480. How could I get 320x480 bitmap from it?

On top of this imageview I have some logos or buttons that I don't want to include to bitmap, they're like on top layer. All I need is bitmap with image and black border from some sides.

1/17/2011 3:48:27 PM

Accepted Answer

Have you tried:

BitmapDrawable drawable = (BitmapDrawable) imageView.getDrawable();
Bitmap bitmap = drawable.getBitmap();
1/17/2011 3:54:57 PM

You could just use the imageView's image cache. It will render the entire view as it is layed out (scaled,bordered with a background etc) to a new bitmap.

just make sure it built.

Bitmap bmap = imageView.getDrawingCache();

there's your bitmap as the screen saw it.

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