How to build an APK file in Eclipse?


When I develop the project using Eclipse, the APK file goes on the emulator. But I want to upload my application to a real device. Is there a tool to build an APK file?

What is the process? Or is it possible to pull the APK file from the emulator?

4/3/2014 8:36:04 PM

Accepted Answer

When you run the project on the emulator, the APK file is generated in the bin directory. Keep in mind that just building the project (and not running it) will not output the APK file into the bin directory.

2/13/2014 9:30:18 AM

For testing on a device, you can connect the device using USB and run from Eclipse just as an emulator.

If you need to distribute the app, then use the export feature:

alt text

alt text

Then follow instructions. You will have to create a key in the process.

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