Key hash for Android-Facebook app


I'm working on an Android app, in which I want to integrate a Facebook posting feature. I downloaded the Facebook-Android SDK, and I got the (text file) in there, in which it is mentioned to generate the key hash for Android. How do I generate it?

8/16/2014 8:14:17 PM

Here are the steps-

  1. Download openssl from Google code (If you have a 64 bit machine you must download openssl-0.9.8e X64 not the latest version)

  2. Extract it. create a folder- OpenSSL in C:/ and copy the extracted code here.

  3. detect debug.keystore file path. If u didn't find, then do a search in C:/ and use the Path in the command in next step.

  4. detect your keytool.exe path and go to that dir/ in command prompt and run this command in 1 line-

    $ keytool -exportcert -alias androiddebugkey -keystore "C:\Documents and Settings\\debug.keystore" | "C:\OpenSSL\bin\openssl" sha1 -binary |"C:\OpenSSL\bin\openssl" base64

    • it will ask for password, put android
    • that's all. u will get a key-hash

For more info visit here

7/14/2012 10:04:45 AM

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