Which Android phones out there do have a gyroscope?


I find it very hard to get any consolidating information about which Android phones do have a gyroscope, or if there are Android phones with this sensor at all. I read about some (especially Samsung) phone models that have at least a 6-axis accelerometer, but I also read that this is different to a real gyroscope.

So my questions are:

  1. Which Android phones do have a gyroscope? (Should be usable with the Android API's Sensor.TYPE_GYROSCOPE which is available since API 3)
  2. Which Android phones do have a 6-axis accelerometer?

Any references like links, specs etc. are greatly appreciated and of course will be rewarded. :-)

Thanks for your help!

12/3/2010 3:42:53 PM

Accepted Answer

Since I have recently developed an Android application using gyroscope data (steady compass), I tried to collect a list with such devices. This is not an exhaustive list at all, but it is what I have so far:

*** Phones:

  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation XL
  • HTC Evo 3D
  • HTC One S
  • HTC One X
  • Huawei Ascend P1
  • Huawei Ascend X (U9000)
  • Huawei Honor (U8860)
  • LG Nitro HD (P930)
  • LG Optimus 2x (P990)
  • LG Optimus Black (P970)
  • LG Optimus 3D (P920)
  • Samsung Galaxy S II (i9100)
  • Samsung Galaxy S III (i9300)
  • Samsung Galaxy R (i9103)
  • Samsung Google Nexus S (i9020)
  • Samsung Galaxy Nexus (i9250)
  • Samsung Galaxy J3 (2017) model
  • Samsung Galaxy Note (n7000)
  • Sony Xperia P (LT22i)
  • Sony Xperia S (LT26i)

*** Tablets:

  • Acer Iconia Tab A100 (7")
  • Acer Iconia Tab A500 (10.1")
  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer (TF101)
  • Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime (TF201)
  • Motorola Xoom (mz604)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab (p1000)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 plus (p6200)
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 (p7100)
  • Sony Tablet P
  • Sony Tablet S
  • Toshiba Thrive 7"
  • Toshiba Trhive 10"

Hope the list keeps growing and hope that gyros will be soon available on mid and low price smartphones.

1/5/2018 6:59:58 AM

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