How to configure SSL certificates with Charles Web Proxy and the latest Android Emulator on Windows?


I would like to use Charles web proxy to work with the Android emulator in Windows. I've successfully set up charles and have started the emulator with the command line:

emulator -http-proxy @NexusOne

I can see traffic coming from the android emulator in Charles, but the problem is that I'm developing against a live API which uses SSL and I'm not sure how to configure Charles to let me play about the the data which is sent and received. I'm aware of two areas where SSL is set up in Charles (Proxy -> Proxy Settings -> SSL and Proxy -> Client SSL Certificates) but I can't find any decent documentation which has let me do what I want to do. Has anyone experience with Charles, or certificates in general, who can explain how to achieve this. Maybe a primer on certificates would be good too, as I seem to be lacking knowledge as to why this is so difficult.

6/29/2011 7:45:48 PM

Accepted Answer

In Charles, go to Proxy>>Proxy Settings and select the SSL tab. Add your host to the list of Locations.

For example, if your secure call is going to, you can enter, or *

Once the above is in place, you may need to right-click on the call in the main Charles window and select the SSL Proxying option.

Hope this helps.

4/20/2016 9:46:18 AM

To remotely capture http or https traffic with charles you will need to do the following:

HOST - Machine running Charles and hosting the proxy CLIENT – User’s machine generating the traffic you will capture

Host Machine

  1. Install fully licensed charles version
  2. Proxy -> Proxy Settings -> check “Enable Transparent HTTP Proxying”
  3. Proxy -> SSL Proxying Settings -> check “enable SSL Proxying”
  4. Proxy -> SSL Proxying Settings -> click Add button and input * in both fields
  5. Proxy -> Access Control Settings -> Add your local subnet (ex: to authorize all machines on your local network to use the proxy from another machine
  6. It might be advisable to set up the “auto save tool” in charles, this will auto save and rotate the charles logs.

Client Machine:

  1. Install and permanently accept/trust the charles SSL certificate
  2. Configure IE, Firefox, and Chrome to use the socket charles is hosting the proxy on (ex:

When I tested this out I picked up two lines of a Facebook HTTPS chat (one was a line TO someone, and the other FROM)

you can also capture android emulator traffic this way if you start the emulator with:

emulator -avd <avd name> -http-proxy http://local_ip:8888/

Where LOCAL_IP is the IP address of your computer, not as that is the IP address of the emulated phone.


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