SVG support on Android


Does Android support SVG? any example?

9/26/2014 4:55:25 PM

Accepted Answer

The most complete answer is this:

  • The Android 2.x default browser does not natively support SVG.
  • The Android 3+ default browsers DO support SVG.

To add SVG support to 2.x versions of the platform, you have two basic choices:

  1. Install a more capable browser (like Firefox or Opera Mobile - both support SVG)
  2. Use a JavaScript polyfill that can parse SVG and render it to an HTML5 canvas

The first option is okay if you're just trying to make SVG work for personal uses or a limited (controllable) set of users. It's not a great option if you want to use SVG while targeting a large, uncontrolled user base.

In the later case, you want to use a polyfill. There are many JavaScript libraries available today that can prase SVG and render to a canvas. Two examples are:

Using a polyfill, you can render your SVG in a canavs on all versions of Android 2.x.

For a more complete example of this approach, you can refer to this blog post that discusses the use of the canvg polyfill for making Kendo UI DataViz charts (SVG-based) work on Android 2.x. Hope that helps!

2/17/2012 6:11:59 PM

There is a new open-source library that supports loading and drawing SVG Basic 1.1 files: Performance is good as the actual drawing is handled natively by an object.

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