Android layout replacing a view with another view on run time


I have a xml-layout file main with two textviews A/B and a view C. I have two other xml-layout files option1 and option2. Is it possible to load either option1 or option2 in run time via Java into C? If so, what function do I have to use?

12/11/2018 11:01:14 AM

Accepted Answer

You could replace any view at any time.

int optionId = someExpression ? R.layout.option1 : R.layout.option2;

View C = findViewById(;
ViewGroup parent = (ViewGroup) C.getParent();
int index = parent.indexOfChild(C);
C = getLayoutInflater().inflate(optionId, parent, false);
parent.addView(C, index);

If you don't want to replace already existing View, but choose between option1/option2 at initialization time, then you could do this easier: set android:id for parent layout and then:

ViewGroup parent = (ViewGroup) findViewById(;
View C = getLayoutInflater().inflate(optionId, parent, false);
parent.addView(C, index);

You will have to set "index" to proper value depending on views structure. You could also use a ViewStub: add your C view as ViewStub and then:

ViewStub C = (ViewStub) findViewById(;

That way you won't have to worry about above "index" value if you will want to restructure your XML layout.

1/4/2017 2:16:06 PM

And if you do that very often, you could use a ViewSwitcher or a ViewFlipper to ease view substitution.

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