How to enable LogCat/Console in Eclipse for Android?


While working on a simple program in Android, I mistakenly closed LogCat window and I want to know how to show it again.

10/23/2012 7:53:32 AM

Accepted Answer

In Eclipse, Goto Window-> Show View -> Other -> Android-> Logcat.

Logcat is nothing but a console of your Emulator or Device.

System.out.println does not work in Android. So you have to handle every thing in Logcat. More Info Look out this Documentation.

Edit 1: System.out.println is working on Logcat. If you use that the Tag will be like System.out and Message will be your message.

1/25/2014 1:48:48 PM

Write "LogCat" in Quick Access edit box in your eclipse window (top right corner, just before Open Prospective button). And just select LogCat it will open-up the LogCat window in your current prospect

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