Android emulator-5554 offline


I'm having a problem with emulator-5554, it keeps telling me it is offline.

When I do a adb devices from the command line it says

emulator-5554 offline

Even after a fresh restart, I try that command and it still says it is offline.

The problem is when I try to install .apk files to the emulator using abd install <path> from the command prompt, it tells me that it is offline, if I create another device and run that one, then try to install the .apk files, it says I have too many devices connected. So in other words, I can't install my .apk files.

How in the world can I get rid of that damn emulator-5554? I heard that if you do a restart, it should clear all the devices, but that does not seem to be working. It is like it is getting initialized when my computer starts up. Has anyone run into this issue?


8/19/2016 6:34:03 PM

Accepted Answer

In such a case, you can do all of the following in order to be assured that your emulator starts working again :

  1. Go to cmd and type adb kill-server
  2. Go to task manager and find adb in processes. If you find one, right click on it and click on end process tree.
  3. In eclipse, go to Window>Android Virtual Device Manager, click on the AVD you want to launch, click on start and uncheck "Launch From Snapshot" and then click on launch.

That's it! It will take a while and it should resolve your problem.

8/8/2019 9:50:40 AM

1 . Simply "Wipe data" to fix this issue.

enter image description here

2 . If it doesn't work, go to emulated device and enable developer options > enable usb debugging

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