Check orientation on Android phone


How can I check if the Android phone is in Landscape or Portrait?

5/8/2010 10:10:24 PM

Accepted Answer

The current configuration, as used to determine which resources to retrieve, is available from the Resources' Configuration object:


You can check for orientation by looking at its value:

int orientation = getResources().getConfiguration().orientation;
if (orientation == Configuration.ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE) {
    // In landscape
} else {
    // In portrait

More information can be found in the Android Developer.

1/9/2019 9:13:29 AM

If you use getResources().getConfiguration().orientation on some devices you will get it wrong. We used that approach initially in Thanks to remote logging of Apphance we could see it on different devices and we saw that fragmentation plays its role here. I saw weird cases: for example alternating portrait and square(?!) on HTC Desire HD:

CONDITION[17:37:10.345] screen: rotation: 270 orientation: square
CONDITION[17:37:12.774] screen: rotation: 0 orientation: portrait
CONDITION[17:37:15.898] screen: rotation: 90
CONDITION[17:37:21.451] screen: rotation: 0
CONDITION[17:38:42.120] screen: rotation: 270 orientation: square

or not changing orientation at all:

CONDITION[11:34:41.134] screen: rotation: 0
CONDITION[11:35:04.533] screen: rotation: 90
CONDITION[11:35:06.312] screen: rotation: 0
CONDITION[11:35:07.938] screen: rotation: 90
CONDITION[11:35:09.336] screen: rotation: 0

On the other hand, width() and height() is always correct (it is used by window manager, so it should better be). I'd say the best idea is to do the width/height checking ALWAYS. If you think about a moment, this is exactly what you want - to know if width is smaller than height (portrait), the opposite (landscape) or if they are the same (square).

Then it comes down to this simple code:

public int getScreenOrientation()
    Display getOrient = getWindowManager().getDefaultDisplay();
    int orientation = Configuration.ORIENTATION_UNDEFINED;
        orientation = Configuration.ORIENTATION_SQUARE;
    } else{ 
        if(getOrient.getWidth() < getOrient.getHeight()){
            orientation = Configuration.ORIENTATION_PORTRAIT;
        }else { 
             orientation = Configuration.ORIENTATION_LANDSCAPE;
    return orientation;

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