Standard Android menu icons, for example refresh


The Android SDK offers the standard menu icons via android.R.drawable.X. However, some standard icons, such as ic_menu_refresh (the refresh icon), are missing from android.R.

Is there any way to get the original icons, maybe by extracting them from the applications? I already checked the Android source, but it's a bit too huge to look everywhere for the images.

I know the Android Drawables website, but I would like to get the correct hdpi, mdpi and ldpi version, preferable the original ones.

12/22/2015 5:07:12 PM

Accepted Answer

Never mind, I found it in the source: base.git/core/res/res and subdirectories.

As others said in the comments, if you have the Android SDK installed it’s also on your computer. The path is [SDK]/platforms/android-[VERSION]/data/res.

8/18/2012 12:57:29 AM

Bear in mind, this is a practice that Google explicitly advises not to do:

Warning: Because these resources can change between platform versions, you should not reference these icons using the Android platform resource IDs (i.e. menu icons under android.R.drawable).

Rather, you are adviced to make a local copy:

If you want to use any icons or other internal drawable resources, you should store a local copy of those icons or drawables in your application resources, then reference the local copy from your application code. In that way, you can maintain control over the appearance of your icons, even if the system's copy changes.

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