Android Device Chooser -- device not showing up


I'm using Eclipse + ADT, and my physical device (listed below) is unlisted on Android Device Chooser. I have updated Eclipse and all of the Android packages. My phone is running Android OS 1.6, which corresponds to the target version listed in the Eclipse Project.

Also, the reason I decided to try testing on a real device is because the emulator doesn't seem to be working right anymore when I run my project. The emulator launches, but the program never does. Any ideas?

(using windows 7/t-mobile mytouch 3g)

2/14/2014 3:58:49 AM

Accepted Answer

I think this was because the option for USB debugging wasn't checked on the device

3/23/2010 12:54:36 AM

First, make sure that the Android ADB can "talk to" your device.

  • Open a Windows Command Prompt (cmd.exe)/Mac Terminal.
  • Go to the folder (via cd) where ADB.exe is in, e.g, C:\Android\android-sdk\platform-tools.
  • Type adb devices

If your device is listed (serial number is displayed), go to the second check. Otherwise, this means ADB currently can't talk to your device. There're many reasons which can cause the problem, try:

  • In your device, turn on "USB Debugging Mode" in Settings -> Application -> Development.
  • In your device, turn on "Allow installation of non-market Applications" in Settings -> Application -> Development.
  • Restart your Windows/Mac.
  • Restart the Android device.
  • In Windows/Mac, reinstall device drivers.

Second, make sure you set the "Deployment target selection mode" to manual:

  • In Eclipse Package Explorer view, right click your Project, select Run As -> Run Configurations...
  • In Run Configurations dialog, under Android Application. If your app doesn't exist, double click Android Application to create a new configuration, give it a suitable name (e.g. your app). Make sure this configuration is selected.
  • On the right area, for Android tab, make sure your project displayed under Project; for Target tab, select "Always prompt to select device" or "manual".
  • Click "Apply" and close the Run Configurations dialog.
    The next time when you Run your app, you should see your list of devices.

Your device still can't display? Ok. Third, make sure your "Project Build Target" Android version is supported in your Device.

  • Check your device's Android version. In your device, select Settings->About Device.
  • Check Android version of your project. Right click your project->Properties->Android->ProjectBuildTarget.
  • Make sure that it's not newer than your device's version.

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