How to bring an activity to foreground (top of stack)?


In Android, I defined an activity ExampleActivity.

When my application was launched, an instance of this A-Activity was created, say it is A. When user clicked a button in A, another instance of B-Activity, B was created. Now the task stack is B-A, with B at the top. Then, user clicked a button on B, another instance of C-Activity, and C was created. Now the task stack is C-B-A, with C at the top.

Now, when user click a button on C, I want the application to bring A to the foreground, i.e. make A to be at the top of task stack, A-C-B.

How can I write the code to make it happen?

9/22/2013 3:20:08 AM

Accepted Answer

You can try this FLAG_ACTIVITY_REORDER_TO_FRONT (the document describes exactly what you want to)

11/16/2011 3:18:16 AM

The best way I found to do this was to use the same intent as the Android home screen uses - the app Launcher.

For example:

Intent i = new Intent(this, MyMainActivity.class);

This way, whatever activity in my package was most recently used by the user is brought back to the front again. I found this useful in using my service's PendingIntent to get the user back to my app.

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