How to use Java with NDK Android?


I am assuming that using the OpenCV code here: is the best way to use OpenCV on Android, with the NDK.

I am still stuck as to how I get from the C definitions of functions to the ones I declare in in my Android project

cvFindContours( void*  img,  CvMemStorage*  storage, 
                CvSeq**  firstContour, int  cntHeaderSize, 
                int  mode, 
                int  method, CvPoint offset ) --> findContours(int[] 
data, int w, int h) ) 

Any help/pointers appreciated, even where to start to figure this out. I currently want to use cvHoughCircles, cvHoughCircles(CvArr* image, void* circle_storage, int method, double dp, double min_dist, double param1 = 100, double param2 = 300, int min_radius = 0, int max_radius = 0};

How do I write this in java with ndk for android?

5/8/2015 10:47:33 PM

Does your app require the C interface? OpenCV actually considers it deprecated / done with, the new API is C++. A port of this interface and sample calibration app are here:

It took me a while to get sold on the new C++, but I had to admit it was nice to not have to do cvReleaseMat() and go back and forth between IplImage and CvMat all the time. Opencv 2.1 doc:

8/2/2010 12:32:11 AM

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