Android - How to regenerate R class?


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I have imported a project into my Eclipse IDE, but it's giving me an error since R file is not generated automatically.

How can I edit the R file so that it matches my project requirements?

5/23/2017 11:45:54 AM

Accepted Answer

Ok, I fixed it:

When I changed manifest to target 1.5 version, million errors appeared and only one wasn't related to inexistance of R class - in manifest file attributes "targetSdkVersion" and "maxSdkVersion" did not exist in sdk 1.5

Because of this R class was not able to generate.

1/11/2010 11:15:21 AM

In another stackoverflow question, somebody answered this : you must get rid of warnings and errors (syntax and links) in your xml files. This plus doing a clean / build project.

Project -> Clean, and choose the option to build the project.

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