Android SDK Setup under Windows 7 Pro 64 bit


The short version of my issue at hand,

  • Windows 7 Professional x64
  • Java JDK 1.6.0_17 x64
  • Eclipse Galileo w\ADT Plugin installed
  • Android SDKtools r04

Since the Android SDK download now only includes the tools, you have to run the included SDK Manager application (SDK Setup) through which you can download the platforms, additional tools, docs,etc.

Under my current configuration SDK Setup bombs on launch, so, I can't do anything since I do not have a single platform to start writing against...I've read a few places that the fix is "just install the 32 bit JDK and all will be well" that seems surprising and disappointing option for a work around(downloading it now to try).

My question is this, anyone else run into this same issue and how did you get past it? Is there a place I can "download by hand" the components I need that I missed on the Android SDK site?

Odds are pretty good that the 32 bit "fix" will work, but that seems wrong that I'll have to install a secondary version of the same SDK/JRE just to run this tool and to download the actual Android SDK components


UPDATE: Well, the work around that requires you to also install 32 bit java and referencing that as your JAVA_HOME worked, either by calling the SDK setup manually or through eclipse. I'm not particularly happy with that, so I'll leave this one open for the time being in case there are other ways to get this done that people may know about.

UPDATE 2: Not directly related since it is Linux centric, but there are troubleshooting steps if trying to run the SDK/Eclipse under Linux 64bit where they reference the need to be able to run 32 bit, but nothing similar under windows x64

FINAL UPDATE (?) Taking the info Seth's answer gave me, and running the bat manually(once I knew what file SDK Setup was running) the answer for me was simply adding ANDROID_SWT path variable that pointed to a valid location with the x86_64 swt.jar....the android sdk directory had one, seemingly in the right place, but it couldn't find it until I added that to my path.

Thanks All!

12/28/2009 5:25:23 AM

Accepted Answer

Found a solution that modifies the android.bat to allow you to start and run the android sdk and avd manager on the x64 jdk. So far I've been able to start it updating, but I don't know what other implications running the emulator and compiling against the x64 jdk will have.

good luck.

12/27/2009 12:35:15 PM

When it says JDK not found, just press ‘back’ button and then press again ‘next’ button..

I got this from the bottom of this post:

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