Open-Source Examples of well-designed Android Applications?


Can you recommend open source android applications that can be valuable to analyze, and to learn android programming from?

Is any app from the Android open source project suitable for basic learning?Basically, I am looking for android apps for UI design reference with source code.

3/3/2015 1:50:26 PM

Accepted Answer

All of the applications delivered with Android (Calendar, Contacts, Email, etc) are all open-source, but not part of the SDK. The source for those projects is here: (look at /platform/packages/apps). I've referred to those sources several times when I've used an application on my phone and wanted to see how a particular feature was implemented.

2/23/2013 4:51:13 PM

In addition to other answers, I recommend you to look at this list:

14 Great Android apps that are also open source

For me, NewsBlur, Hacker News Reader and Astrid were the most helpful. Still, I don't know whether they are "suitable for basic learning".

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