Android WSDL/SOAP service client


I have some web services that uses WSDL/SOAP for communication. Specifically, I am using PHP and Nusoap to make them. How can I use these web services on Android? I am going to get a new Android phone soon, so I need to know.

It is easy to do it with Windows Mobile and Visual Studio.


9/27/2009 6:23:30 PM

Accepted Answer

Android doesn't come with SOAP library. However, you can download 3rd party library here:

If you need help using it, you might find this thread helpful:
How to call a .NET Webservice from Android using KSOAP2?

5/23/2017 10:31:12 AM

i founded this tool to auto generate wsdl to android code,

public void callWebService(){
    SampleService srv1 = new SampleService();
    Request req = new Request();
    req.companyId = "1";
    req.userName = "userName";
    req.password = "pas";
    Response response =  srv1.ServiceSample(req);

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