Push Notifications in Android Platform


I am looking to write an app that receives pushed alerts from a server. I found a couple of methods to do this.

  1. SMS - Intercept the incoming SMS and initiate a pull from the server
  2. Poll the server periodically

Each has its own limitations. SMS- no guarantee on arrival time. Poll may drain the battery.

Do you have a better suggestion please? Thanks very much.

8/3/2017 3:04:46 PM

Accepted Answer

Google's official answer is the Android Cloud to Device Messaging Framework (deprecated) Google Cloud Messaging(deprecated) Firebase Cloud Messaging

It will work on Android >= 2.2 (on phones that have the Play Store).

5/29/2016 3:14:20 AM

(cross-posting from an answer I gave to a similar question - Does Android support near real time push notification? )

I recently started playing with MQTT http://mqtt.org for Android as a way of doing this sort of thing (i.e. push notification that is not SMS but data driven, almost immediate message delivery, not polling, etc.)

I have a blog post with background information on this in case it's helpful


(Note: MQTT is an IBM technology, and I should point out that I work for IBM.)

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