Is there any free OCR library for Android?


I'm looking for a Java OCR that runs on Android, however Asprise doesn't seem to be a platform independent OCR. is there any opensource/free Java OCR I can use for android application development?

2/14/2016 5:33:06 AM

OCR can be pretty CPU intensive, you might want to reconsider doing it on a smart phone.

That aside, to my knowledge the popular OCR libraries are Aspire and Tesseract. Neither are straight up Java, so you're not going to get a drop-in Android OCR library.

However, Tesseract is open source (GitHub hosted infact); so you can throw some time at porting the subset you need to Java. My understanding is its not insane C++, so depending on how badly you need OCR it might be worth the time.

So short answer: No.

Long answer: if you're willing to work for it.

1/29/2017 9:38:08 AM

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